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Μαγνητικά φωτιστικά ράγας

Magnetic rail lighting systems are high energy efficiency, long life and easy to install. They are available in three types of installation: recessed, suface or hanging. They are suitable for the interior of any modern home, trade hall, office or other room. They provide directional light and thus you can focus on a specific area of ​​the room or on a specific object, picture and more. You can also use them as the main lighting in the room, placing the rail system along the room, in different lengths and shapes.

To build your magnetic rail system you need:

- Four poles track rail

- LED magnetic illuminators

- Connection accessories (connectors, wires, end caps, plates)

- Power supplies

- Driver


Four poles track rail

It serves to power the luminaire. It can be for recessed or suface installation, according to the needs of the interior and design. It can be mounted even on a wall.

LED magnetic illuminator

We offer three types of magnetic luminaires – folding, not folding, hanging. The advantage of folding luminaires is that you can direct the light in the desired direction when rotating up to 180o or 360o.

Connection accessories

To build a system of rails with different lengths and shapes of help come three types of connectors – straight I-type, angular L-type and T-type. The additional elements included in the installation are also - mounting plate, wire for hanging mounting, end cover.

Power supplies

The rail system is powered by power connectors. They are mounted when connecting the rails and are two types of straight and flexible power connector. The flexible power connector is used when connecting corner elements. An important element is the power adapter, which must be connected to a driver compatible with the luminaires for the rail system.


All magnetic luminaires operate at 48V DC, so you will need a driver (transformer). The power of the driver you choose depends on the number of luminaires you will mount on the rail.

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